Flying Gives Me Inspiration

You get a different perspective looking down on our beautiful planet from above.

I headed for a quick day trip to Munich, representing our network at a client meeting for one of our member firms. The journey was not much longer than my regular commute to St. Paul’s in London, and the transport method has become more standard for me than any other; #aeroplane (#airplane for Americans!)

But, despite being on planes so often, TWO things never fail to astonish me:

(1) How these machines take off and remain in the sky, flying across our planet so effortlessly; and

(2) How magnificent our planet appears from the sky!

So, I looked back at some of my favourite photos which I captured over the past couple of years from a plane window HERE

I sometimes feel anything can be resolved when you look down from a great height. Everything seems so small and trivial – buildings, landscapes, seas, people… conflicts, disputes… even Brexit!

Every now and then, you should take time out to step back from it all, and look at your issues from a distance… from a different angle… from the outside….

AUTHOR: Stephen Hamlet

4 April 2019

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