Castigatoarea anului 2019 este…Reteaua Russell Bedford International (RBI)

Russell Bedford International (RBI) castiga premiul „Rețeaua Anului 2019” iar CEO RBI Stephen „Personalitatea Anului 2019” in cadrul premiilor International Accounting Bulletin Digital Accountancy

Russell Bedford International (RBI) a castigat ambele categorii la care a fost nominalizata ca finalistă în cadrul ediției din acest an a Buletinului internațional de contabilitate Digital Accountancy Awards: „Network of the Year” și „Personality of the Year”.

Stephen Hamlet, CEO la Russell Bedford International:

„Dear Colleagues,

I am absolutely delighted to reveal that last night, at the prestigious International Accounting Bulletin’s annual awards, we were named WINNERS in both of our nominated categories!!

Network of the Year” AND “Personality of the Year”.

I am extremely proud for our network award, in recognition of our recent progress and incredible achievements, resulting in such success, from continuous hard work and dedication.

I am additionally overwhelmed and honoured to have won the personal award, acknowledging the determination to do the very best (and trying to BE the very best) I possibly can for this fantastic group of talented individuals.

And I do this with the support from a fabulous team, fabulous board of directors, and all you fabulous people throughout the world.

I thank you all!

Now; go celebrate your membership of an Award-Winning network!!!

Kind regards,

Your Award-Winning CEO ?


Câștigătorii au fost anunțați în cadrul Forumului digital de contabilitate și premiile care a avut loc la emblematicul hotel Waldorf Hilton, Londra, joi, 3 octombrie 2019.

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4 octombrie 2019

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